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Thursday, November 08, 2007

ATM - Not a bad attempt

jus back after seeing ATM -Its a vijay movie with lots of comedy + dance + wonderful songs. editing was crisp and movie moved quite fast in the first half. second vijay was not bad with the voice modulation and style etc. one more worthy mention is the fight sequence b/w both vijay’s. the songs choreography was very good for kelamal and ponmagal.

the intro fight plus the fight with bamboo during a chase etc was uncalled for. also the technical dept somehow seems to have messed up the scenes involving two vijay’s with each looking in some direction. Was expecting a lot of stuff for Valayapatti and ended up thinking why on earth ARR gave this song to this director. The supercool Marlyn Monroe also gone for a toss with the Mini elephant dance for that song

first half with comedy sequences and ESP etc set the pace for second half. second half with the villain vijay sequences laced in with comedy was too good. intro song dance + choreo was top class - too good, but somehow felt that the song and dance do not gel together. i personally liked the graphics usage (though amateurish) especially for the scene of ants carrying food. climax was on expected lines with not even 0% chance of vijay dying in the movie. that is the main drawback of the movie too with an abrupt ending and the villain deciding to be good and blah blah blah

the way vijay says, ‘evalavo panrom - idha panna maatoma’ is Coooooool

Plus :
Arr + Songs
Shreya (he he he)

Minus :
Intro fight + intro song arr voice (felt it didnt suit Vijay)
Lack of Solid Story

overall, its vijay all the way with no other characters having any considerable screen time. a entertainer for only vijay fans!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


With the Songs already rocking the CHARTS Azhagiya Thamizh Magan would be releasing on November 8th Diwali day (eagerly looking forward to it). And being here is an added bonus since mostly I can see the movie a day before India

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is this also racism? Symonds? :-)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dravid resigns as India captain

Rahul Dravid has resigned as India captain with immediate effect. In a letter written to the Indian board, he has asked to be relieved of the captaincy before Australia's forthcoming tour of India, beginning later this month.

A statement from Niranjan Shah, secretary of the Indian board, said Dravid met Sharad Pawar, the board president, in New Delhi yesterday. He "expressed his desire to step down as captain of the Indian team and requested that he should not be considered for the job from the ensuing Australia series."

The statement said Dravid wanted to concentrate on his game.

For more Cricinfo

Atlast, he decided to step down - if only he had done this some years back, it would have been highly beneficial for Indian Cricket. Let's see what BCCI does now - hopefully they dont bring back Sachin as the captain - that would again take back Indian team to rock bottom if they aren't already there. We gotto see this twenty-twenty tournament and take some lessons out of it and then get Yuvraj or Dhoni to captain the Indian team. Get young blood as much as possible. Improve the fielding. Saurav/Sachin/Dravid are not going to be in the team till next world cup for sure. So please dont again give back the captaincy to them. This is not a bad time to experiment. New coach + New Captain - Chak de India

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Kreedom - Imitation Crown

Ajith’s next movie after the tragic aalwar and before his almost HIT movie Billa (courtesy Vishnuvardhan), is Kreedom.

The movie narrates the story of a honest cop rajkiran who yearns to make his son, Ajith, a police officer and dreams to salute his son one day. Because of one incident which involves both him and his son and because of his son’s own love for him Ajith gets into huge trouble with the biggest local henchman, after which life is not the same for him. The father sees his own son’s would-be police career and personal life going down right in front of him and it comes to a real shattering climax.

Remade from a mega hit classic from Malayalam with the same name, the director has tried his level best to stick to the original as much as possible unlike his FALSE claims of just inspiration. It is to be noted that the Malayalam film’s hero Mohanlal got a special National Award for this movie. So Ajith has(had) that much of scope in the script of this movie.

The first song is the stale one “velayadu” — perhaps a song for audience to take some rest and be prepared for the tight storyline following. Comedy scenes of Thrisha (has done it to good effect with Santhanam) are all newly done for the tamil remake, while the role of Vivek as the bad brother-in-law is a take from the original. He is no way near his best. The villian of the movie is the main drawback. Varadarajan doesn’t give you that irritation or scare whenever he comes on screen (just shouting Aee in high pitch is not a great villain), whereas the original villain was menacing as Keerikaadan Jose.

The main trouble with the movie is that it is a remake from the 80’s and there have been many stories inspired from the same mould, of the hero being unnecessarily pulled onto a bad situation and then his life becoming miserable afterwards. It is the main storyline in most of Dharani’s movies like Dhill, Dhool and even Ghilli to some extent. Infact Dhill also speaks of a hero who wants to become a police and his fatal clash with the villain at the prime time becoming his main trouble.

Rajkiran has excelled in his role as a father. G. V. Prakash has done a commanding performance in the BGM though the songs are a rehash of many recent tamil songs, it works. Ajith’s performance in the climax is to be surely appreciated. He is miles above his normal acting in the climax. He is one actor who would perform even well with an great director in his side which is why Billa is sure to be a hit. Perhaps Vijay, an assistant of Priyadarshan could have made some more changes to the script which IMO looks more like Dhill because the movie is changed to suit the tamil audience with more masala which is perhaps what Dharani did long back.

All in all, the movie should be a good one for Ajith’s fans who would get to see him without all his normal punch dialogues and flying in the air kinda stuff which IMO was his downfall. But how far it would pull in family audiences is to be seen, with the movie becoming a regular routine except for the climax. Some movies just ought not to be remade, unless you have the best director or the best actor in the lineup.
Kreedom would have done wonders with Ajith alongside a more talented director or with Kamal acting in it with any director.

Plus :
Not much of filmi stunt stuff
Ajith in climax (though no way near the original)

Minus :
Too much of resemblance to Dhill
G.V.Prakash and his copied songs

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - A Fairy tale ending?

3 more days to go and the whole world is wanting to know what the 7th book is going to unravel. Petitions flying on broomsticks to Rowling to not kill Harry and a million fans breaking their head on what is R.A.B and 10 million pounds on the security on the book -- Its Potter time again.

With the arrival of the next blockbuster of the movie series, it has started off an euphoria of sorts and the HP fever. IMO, neither Harry nor Ron nor Hermoine are going to be killed in the 7th book. Its going to be end of fairy tale series where everyone happily lived ever after and from what we saw of Draco Malfoy in the final moments of Half Blood Prince, even he is going to be friends with Harry and group. It is going to be marriage time of Ron and Hermoine and Harry and Ginny and ofcourse Bill and Fleur. And yeah, Harry would be having a son whom he would be naming as James in remembrance of his father.

As for R.A.B it is going to be ofcourse Regulus Black as many of you would have already guessed.