Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - A Fairy tale ending?

3 more days to go and the whole world is wanting to know what the 7th book is going to unravel. Petitions flying on broomsticks to Rowling to not kill Harry and a million fans breaking their head on what is R.A.B and 10 million pounds on the security on the book -- Its Potter time again.

With the arrival of the next blockbuster of the movie series, it has started off an euphoria of sorts and the HP fever. IMO, neither Harry nor Ron nor Hermoine are going to be killed in the 7th book. Its going to be end of fairy tale series where everyone happily lived ever after and from what we saw of Draco Malfoy in the final moments of Half Blood Prince, even he is going to be friends with Harry and group. It is going to be marriage time of Ron and Hermoine and Harry and Ginny and ofcourse Bill and Fleur. And yeah, Harry would be having a son whom he would be naming as James in remembrance of his father.

As for R.A.B it is going to be ofcourse Regulus Black as many of you would have already guessed.

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Go to http://www.phoenixsong.net/fanfiction/story/3517/ for more updates.. its a fiction story written by one of HP fans - Melindaleo.

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